About Us

Moment of clarity on the horizon. A new “sobering” moment for skateboarding.
We wanted to bring a new "Sobering" experience to the changing landscape of skateboarding by treating the riders as part of the integral workings of the company. From paying Am's a percentage of board sales of the graphic they're given from the first board sale on.  It will teach them how to market product as well as themselves to take them to next level of being a professional skateboarder.  To be rewarded for their hard work. They will ultimately decide their own future in skateboarding and how far they will go by putting in the work and being rewarded for it.
We will also be implementing a program that if a rider injures himself and needs some financial help for medical bills or living expenses..we will create a special release with all profits going to the rider to help them get back on their feet and ultimately back on their board and on the path they chose.